Back Row: Tom Briggs, Tom Bathe, Jackie Abate, Donna DeAngelis, Roy Miserendino, Paul McClintock. Front Row: Patricia Cioppa, Larry Partelow, Sonia Tatlock, Gina Belloli, Charles (Doc) Keller, John Lomurno. Not shown: Steve Vettorino and Holli Tirado 

The Westwood Board of Trustees are elected volunteers who oversee the well being of Westwood and are regular paying members.

Name Position
Larry Partelow President Pools & Buildings
Charles Keller Vice President Grounds
Paul McClintock Treasurer
Tom Bathe Operations
Tom Briggs Membership
Jackie Abate Secretary
Sonia Tatlock Website
Steve Vettorino Communications/Technology
Gina Belloli Tennis
Donna DeAngelis Swim & Dive Team Co-chair
Holli Tirado Swim & Dive Team Co-chair
Patricia Cioppa Insurance