Westwood started as an idea in 1955.

A group of Mt. Pleasant residents developed this project of building a competitive size swimming facility. It was to be a private, member-owned facility with 500 bonds, catering to families. The group went door to door, selling this idea, as well as asking for $ 200.00 to purchase a bond. After enough people took a risk on the idea, plans were created, permits applied for, bids went out, and construction began.

By 1957, the ”Westwood Swimming Association” project was completed, a Board of Trustees in place, and 500 families had purchased a bond. The NY Times ran a feature story with pictures promoting this new 50-meter swimming pool, and a kiddy pool.

In the years to follow, the entrance booth was moved to where it is today. The property lines were expanded to offer the grass area behind the pool. The picnic area was also added. The swimming pool heater was installed in 1968. In 1973, the Tennis Courts were built, and a year later the Platform Tennis Courts. During the 1980’s we leased a corner of property from Zeiss, this is now the location for additional picnic grounds and the horseshoe pit. A name change took place during the mid-’80s to the ”Westwood Swimming and Tennis Association” The original pool filter was replaced in the early 1980s. The early 1990s brought a new stone facing on the pool house, and the decks were replaced. The mid-1990s also saw a new well pump installed in our 550′ deep well. In 1998, the original pump and motor were replaced.