Juliet Soricelli
Co-Director & Lessons Manager

KC Mancuso
Co-Director & Tennis Coach

Anthony Pizzolla
Assistant Director


John Yearwood
Swim Coach

Anna Gagion
Dive Coach

KC Mancuso
Tennis Coach


Certified by the American Red Cross in CPR and First Aid:

Meaghan Glendon*, Ryan Cassidy, Caroline Caldwell, Nicole Cioppa, Anna Gagion, Caitlin Gibbons*, Julia Caldwell, Conor Glendon*, Brandon Cassidy, Gareth O’Connor*, Peter O’Connor*, Vincent Cioppa, Stephen Nadler, Deanna Leahy, Michael Gagion

*Certified by the American Red Cross as a Water Safety Instructor (American Red Cross)

Lifeguard Opportunities

Westwood utilizes its own member base when lifeguard position considerations are being made. If you are interested in a life-guarding position, please make sure that you are certified in life-guarding/first aid/CPR through the American Red Cross Association and that you are a member in good standing before contacting us at: You can also stop by the main office during regular pool hours and speak with the director on duty.

Generally, a lifeguard is hired as a “substitute” guard at first. This is a probationary period that enables us to get to know the guard’s work ethic. There is a “seniority” list that is generated which entitles more experienced guards to the first available “full time” positions.