Juliet Soricelli
Director & Lessons Manager

Matt Nadler
Assistant Director


John Yearwood
Swim Coach

Anna Gagion
Dive Coach

Justin Angeles
Tennis Coach

Ian Salon
Basketball Coach


Certified by the American Red Cross in CPR and First Aid:

Meaghan Glendon*, Ryan Cassidy, Caroline Caldwell, Nicole Cioppa, Anna Gagion, Caitlin Gibbons*, Julia Caldwell, Conor Glendon*, Brandon Cassidy, Gareth O’Connor*, Peter O’Connor*, Vincent Cioppa, Stephen Nadler, Deanna Leahy, Michael Gagion

*Certified by the American Red Cross as a Water Safety Instructor (American Red Cross)

Lifeguard Opportunities

Westwood utilizes its own member base when lifeguard position considerations are being made. If you are interested in a lifeguarding position, please make sure that you are certified in lifeguarding/first aid/CPR through the American Red Cross Association and that you (or your immediate family) are a member in good standing and contact us at: You can also stop by the main office during regular pool hours and speak with the director on duty.

Generally, a lifeguard is hired as a “substitute” guard at first. This is a probationary period that enables us to get to know the guard’s work ethic. There is a seniority list that is generated which entitles more experienced guards to the first available full-time positions.