2020 Season | Westwood COVID-19 Guidelines and Restrictions

(THESE WILL BE UPDATED for the 2021 season, based on new guidance from federal/state/local agencies and lessons learned from 2020 operations. We are publishing last year’s guidelines here simply as an example.)

Please understand that all of the information listed below is fluid and is dependent upon updated guidance throughout the summer from NYS and Westchester County Department of Health, and what we observe at the club. If you disagree with any of the guidelines or believe you or anyone in your family will not be able to comply, DO NOT come to the club.


  • The club is open and operating 7 days/week (weather dependent)
  • The tennis courts are open to paid members. Please reserve courts by clicking here and using our online system.  Our tennis guidelines are here.
  • Any change in our ability to stay open because of restrictions from New York State or Westchester County or other unforeseen circumstances will be posted here and on our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Weekday morning lap swim is from 6:00 am – 8:00 am, Monday through Friday.  The hours are also posted on our home page.  The pool is available specifically for members swimming laps.  Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate other forms of aqua exercise in the pool during our weekday lap swim times.


  • Email membership@westwoodswim.com for specific questions about your membership and paying dues for the  2020 season.
  • Guests are not currently allowed.  We continue to review this policy against membership numbers and visits data and will announce any changes here and via email to membership.
    • If you purchased guest fees while paying for your dues this year, you can choose to either carry them over to next season or request a refund of guest fees. Please let us know of your choice by Labor Day weekend.

Restricted States

  • New York’s Governor Cuomo has issued an executive order mandating self-quarantine for anyone traveling from a list of Restricted States.
    • You must not come to the club if you or any member of your household has traveled to/from one of the identified states that require a 14 day quarantine until you have completed your 14 day quarantine and are not ill.  Visiting Westwood while you are within your 14-day quarantine period may result in forfeiture of this season’s membership, your bond (if applicable), and being denied future membership at Westwood.

COVID Safety, Distancing, Restrictions

These are our working plans and could change based on day-to-day observations and needs.  Please understand that we are a small club operating for the first time during a global pandemic.  We want to keep everyone safe and comfortable while also maintaining the best parts of a Westwood summer experience.

Face Coverings

All members over the age of 2 must wear a mask at all times while moving about the Westwood grounds, as noted below.

Wear a mask while:

  • Entering & exiting the club, including waiting on line to check-in. Members will be denied access to the club if they are not wearing a mask or face covering upon entering the facility.
  • Inside the restrooms and walking to & from the restrooms
    IMPORTANT: if you leave the pool to use the restroom, you must first put on your mask before using the restroom
  • Playing in the playground or walking to & from the playground
  • Waiting on line for the ice cream man
  • Moving about anywhere on the grounds, except directly to & from the pool

You do not need to wear a mask while:

  • At your family’s chairs/blankets/picnic table
  • You are in the pool or walking directly to & from the pool.

General Safety

  • Parents and guardians are expected to ensure their children are respecting social distancing and face-covering guidelines. Please contact us before coming to the club if you do not believe you can ensure your children follow the safety guidelines.
  • The pool will operate at no more than 50 percent capacity bather load.  It’s a big pool, it’s usually not a problem. However, if (as an example) we have four 90+ degree days in late July, our director and COVID safety person will limit pool time and ensure capacity is not exceeded.
  • We are not currently requiring registration or time slot sign-ups. This is subject to change.
  • All staff and members need to maintain social distancing of 6 feet. In areas where a 6-foot distance from others (not in your party) is not feasible, masks or face coverings must be worn.
  • All staff will have their temperature checked upon arrival to their shift.
  • All families must take their temperatures at home before coming to the facility and shall stay home if your temperature is elevated over 100.4 degrees, or show symptoms of COVID-19, or have been in direct contact with someone who has symptoms or is suspected of having COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
  • Groups must be at a maximum capacity of 10 to a group.
  • The bathrooms are restricted to 4 occupants at a time unless the occupants are within the same family.
  • Showers and changing areas are closed this year.  Please come in your bathing suit to avoid utilizing the changing areas.

Facilities, Grounds, and Lessons

  • Basketball and volleyball are on hold and still under consideration.
  • Due to current COVID restrictions, ping pong paddles and balls, Wiffle ball, and shuffleboard will not be rented by the pool. Families can choose to bring these items.
  • The diving boards and water slide will be open, social distancing markers are in place for the queue areas.
  • The playground will be open and subject to social distancing rules. Masks must be worn at the playground.
  • Picnic tables are set at a social distance and shall not be moved by members.
  • There will be no group swimming lessons this season.
  • High contact areas (bathrooms, counters, handrails, play equipment) will be cleaned multiple times per day.
  • Members are responsible for hand cleanliness. Both bathrooms will be furnished with soap and warm water.
  • Members must bring their own grilling equipment this year and wipe down grill handles.

Adapting and Adjusting

  • The Westwood board of trustees continues to meet weekly to review the latest updates, guidelines, and directives from the county and state and their impact on our season.
  • Guidelines and restrictions may be lifted, changed, or added based on our understanding of New York State, Westchester County, and CDC COVID-19 current and future guidelines.
  • We will continue to communicate any updates via this page and email to membership.