Westwood Group Lessons Registration via Team Unify

  1. Group Lessons Registration link: https://www.teamunify.com/team/recwsscwd/page/lessons-registration
  2. 2023 season registration opened on June 10. 
  3. New families must register a new account, which you will see at that link. Team Unify is completely separate from our membership application, therefore you will be asked to fill in parent/guardian names, contact, swimmer details, and other safety information.  The registration system is completely separate from the Westwood membership system.  Your Westwood “Member Splash” account and login will not be recognized for lessons registration.
  4. You must be a paid Westwood member family with all swimmers listed on your family account in our membership application (www.westwoodswim.com)
    1. If you have not yet paid season dues, please contact membership@westwoodswim.com before registering for the swim and/or dive team.  We are unable to process refunds for non-members.
    2. Do not register if you are not a paid member.  Once paid, we cannot refund lesson registration fees for non-members.

NOTE 1:  You can add and register all of your swimmers at one time, but you must complete the registration process for Team Unify to save your family account and credentials. For example, if you cancel or close the browser before paying, you will need to start again from the link in line 1.  Once you complete a registration, your family account is “setup & active.”

NOTE 2: If there are any technical problems with Team Unify during registration, please remain calm, make sure you aren’t missing any required fields or checkboxes.  If you are still stuck,  email us at: info@westwoodswim.com