Any child may receive private lessons who are taught by a Westwood instructor, lifeguard or tennis coach.

If you are interested in signing up for private lessons please fill out a “Private Lessons Interest Form” that can be found in the office or printed here (Private Lesson Interest Form). Lessons will be offered to the lifeguards with Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Certification first, then to the other lifeguards in seniority order. Members are also welcome to request a specific lifeguard for private lessons. For a list of lifeguard/staff names, please visit the STAFF page.

Private Lessons Pricing Menu:

  • Swim Lessons (30 minutes): $25
  • Swim Lessons with a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (30 minutes): $30
  • Dive Lessons (30 minutes): $30
  • Tennis Lessons (45 minutes): $45 (+$30 for each additional participant)
    *Tennis Lessons with two or more participants are 60 minutes

Our Member Service Staff in the Office will be happy to assist you.