Come party with us!

  • Parties are not allowed on holiday weekends, nor during other pool event days.  Check the calendar of events for a listing of season events.
  • Picnic tables are self-reserved. It is suggested that on summer weekend mornings you come to the pool and put table coverings on your table(s) of choice.  Please also be aware of the pool calendar before choosing your date.
  • You may decorate as you wish, however confetti, water balloons, and other items that cannot be cleaned up easily are prohibited. Members are responsible for post-party clean-up.
  • Maximum number of non-member guests: 20 (this includes non-swimming guests such as parents or chaperones).  Regular guest fees apply for non-member party guests.
  • A list of guests must be given to the entrance booth before they arrive, with children and adults properly identified. Blank party lists can be picked up at the booth. The party must be paid in full at the end of the party by cash or check.
  • Please make your guests familiar with our rules and regulations.  The party host is responsible for ensuring that all invitees follow club rules.  If you feel that you cannot meet that requirement, please refrain from hosting a party at the club.
  • Refunds are at the director’s discretion and are typically related to weather closures.
  •  For more information about parties of any type, stop by the pool office or call during our open hours and ask to speak to a director: (914) 769-4577

How much does it cost?

Regular Guest Fees apply. 10% off of parties of 10 or more. Considerations will be made for children’s parties of 8 and under where parents may wish to chaperone their own children to the party. Family parties will be at the normal guest fee rate.