Team Suit:

The team suit fitting for 2021 was at Westwood on Friday, 6/25, from 4:00-6:00 PM.  For those that couldn’t buy and take home the suit at the fitting, Metro Swim Shop has it available at the team price (and very good availability)

To purchase the suit, you have two choices:

A) Download this form, fill out the order and credit card info and email it back to them or fax it back.


B) Login to the portal that they have setup for the team suits with the following instructions:

Enter the full URL into your browser, register using an email address and create a password.
TEAM ID: 88564

Please note that their website and portal registration are quirky; we can’t answer any questions about them.  If you want to order online and have questions, please call them directly (908-647-8121) and mention you need to buy a Westwood team suit (team ID 88564).