Online registration for 2021 is open at our dedicated site here:

Class Fee – $150/student

Swim lessons for the 2021 season will be held from 6/28 through 8/6, rain or shine, Monday to Thursday (excluding July 4th). Children benefit from the instruction given by qualified instructors in small group sizes.

For Swim lessons, all children should be 4 years and up and must be able to stand comfortably in the shallow end of the pool to enroll.  The maximum number of children per class in all levels is 8 children. Classes canceled due to thunder, lightning, or inclement weather will not be rescheduled. There are no refunds or credits due to cancelations.

There are three timeslots, Monday to Thursday:

  • 10:00 am – 10:30 am
  • 10:35 am – 11:05 am
  • 11:10 am  – 11:40 am

Mommy and Me

Designed for children 1-3 years of age. Adult participation is required. This class is to introduce your child to the water. Adults will learn to teach your child safety skills and emergency preventions. Two children allowed per adult ($150/child). No diapers allowed! Please use swim diapers.

Registration online is open now:

Swim Lesson – Level 1

This level is to help students feel comfortable in the water and enjoy the water safely. Elementary Aquatic skills will be taught at this level.

Swim Lesson – Level 2

This level of students will learn to float on their front and back unsupported and tread water re-enforcing Water safety.

Swim Lesson – Level 3

Students will learn rhythmic breathing for front and back crawl. Introduction to butterfly, treading water and headfirst entries (kneeling dive).

Swim Lesson – Level 4

Students will develop confidence in strokes learned thus far. Improving skills and increase endurance is included at this level. Building on the butterfly and introducing backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke and basic turns.