Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who owns Westwood Swimming & Tennis Association (Westwood)?

A: Westwood is a member-owned club.  When you purchase a bond (as a ‘regular’ or ‘single’ member), you become a member-owner of Westwood.

Q: Who ‘runs’ Westwood?

A: Westwood is led by an all-volunteer board of member-owners who work all year long to make Westwood a welcoming and safe club for all of our families.  During the club’s season of Memorial Day to Labor Day, the association employs a top-notch staff of: pool director, assistant directors, coaches, and lifeguards.

Q: How can I get a summer job at Westwood?

A: Please email with your name, contact information, type of job in which you are interested (e.g., director, assistant, lifeguard, coach, etc.).  Please include a resume if you are applying for any director or coach positions.

Q: What types of membership do you offer?

A: Please visit our Membership page to read about our various membership options.

Q: How can I join Westwood?

A: Please fill out a Membership Inquiry to be placed on our waiting list.  Someone from our board will contact you.

Q: Do you have a snack bar?

A: We do not have a snack bar, but we have a very large picnic area complete with gas grills and picnic tables free to use for all members (we supply the propane.)  We allow members to bring their own food & beverages to enjoy, and many members order from a good selection of nearby restaurants that deliver to the club.

Q: Does Westwood have a  COVID guidelines page or document available?

A: Yes: COVID Guidelines.   During the 2020 season, we kept our members well informed with a page dedicated to COVID guidelines, rules, and modifications.

Q: Why am I not getting an immediate response to my email?

A: The general email mailboxes are monitored by 2 of our volunteer board members,  We receive a lot of messages throughout the year and are even more active during these complex pandemic years.  Non-emergency emails are typically answered within 3-5 days.  We hope these FAQs will help!

Q: How do I redeem my bond if I choose to cancel my membership?

A: If you wish to redeem your bond, you must send a written request to Westwood. If no one is available to buy your bond, you remain obligated to pay this year’s dues by May 15, or you will lose your membership and your bond as stated above. If you pay your dues and your bond is purchased by May 15 then you are eligible for a full refund of your dues and your bond. If you pay your dues and your bond is purchased after May 15, then you will receive the bond redemption in the fall. Dues are not refundable after May 15, but you will of course enjoy membership for the pool season. All bond refunds will be issued by October.